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John Harrison is a professional psychotherapist and coach. He brings his insight and experience from his former career as a military officer, 9-5 office worker, and his current career as a therapist and coach, in interviews with professionals, psychology experts, and those living their higher potential. Each week you’ll get discussion, stories, and insights on finding your “why”, how to optimize your life and business, and the mental and emotional challenges that can keep you stuck. He and his guests explore the practical and spiritual aspects of engaging in a satisfying career and a meaningful life.
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Aug 17, 2017

Motivation is a great tool for getting us started on a desired change. It can come in the form of the excitement of seeking a goal, fear of a negative consequence, or even anger and frustration due to our current situation.  But what happens when motivation dies off like is always does?  What keeps us focused for the long haul?  Prepare for the inevitable loss of motivation and seek a deeper meaning in why you are doing what you're doing and why you are seeking the change you want.  Subscribe to the True Calling Project podcast on iTunes and find the episodes here:

Aug 14, 2017
Keri Nola is an Awakening Healer, Energetic Visionary and Founder of the Sacred Soul Circle. She's also the co-founder of the Galactic Vibrations podcast and an author.
Today, Keri returns to the show to chat with John about the 'shift', a global awakening that's causing us to reassess our place in the world and how we identify ourselves within it.
From the anxieties and fears springing from recent political events, to the social questions we face on daily basis, this in-depth conversation explores why so many people are feeling collectively 'off' right now.
John and Keri discuss self-identification in a gendered society, our attitudes to blame, fear, doubt, relationships and love and how a different viewpoint can overcome some of the problems associated with a rigid self-perception.
Keri also opens up about the car crash that changed her life and helped her make the decision to leave behind her career in clinical psychotherapy and pursue her true calling.
"There is a massive awakening. We really have to see how far from ourselves and each other we've really been. That's the pain we're experiencing and that's the upheaval that's necessary in order for us to really come back home to our truest essence"
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Aug 11, 2017

True Take: Being Everything for Everyone. When you're feeling drained or burned out have you noticed that it's times when you feel over obligated or over committed? Often we try and wear too many "hats" and be too much for others. And often it's without being asked to be those things. What would happen if we didn't always try and have to come through for everyone or please everybody or even be perfect. We might actually have more energy to be the best version of ourselves. Subscribe to the True Calling Project podcast on iTunes and find it here:

Aug 6, 2017

We've seen an emergence of speakers and authors talk about the shedding of blame and shame from self. While this is healthy, many times we don't actually shed that blame or shame. We just redirect it towards others or other circumstances. Ultimately, one bag we can never shed is the bag of responsibility. When we understand that responsibility and blame are not the same things we are able to focus on what we can control and what serves us. Subscribe to the True Calling Project podcast on iTunes and find it

Aug 1, 2017

We've all heard about the importance of patience.  But how easy is it really?  And why do we struggle with it?  Can we make patience a valuable resource in and of itself? Getting out the cycle of addictive thinking and overdoing.  Much of time in the case of our lives and present circumstances, less is more.  Subscribe to the True Calling Project podcast on iTunes and find it here: