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John Harrison is a professional psychotherapist and coach. He brings his insight and experience from his former career as a military officer, 9-5 office worker, and his current career as a therapist and coach, in interviews with professionals, psychology experts, and those living their higher potential. Each week you’ll get discussion, stories, and insights on finding your “why”, how to optimize your life and business, and the mental and emotional challenges that can keep you stuck. He and his guests explore the practical and spiritual aspects of engaging in a satisfying career and a meaningful life.
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Sep 26, 2017
Mia Quaglia is a therapist who runs Divorce and Thrive, a coaching academy that heals and empowers women to discover life after divorce.
She helps her clients move through the thoughts and feelings of divorce and discusses how you can grow, take responsibility and find new life in such a major event.
Mia also shares how she found herself and the ability to help others after ending a 25-year marriage. 
She and John talk about perceptions of divorce: Mia thinks men and women experience this differently, and her work helps women discover the affirmation of shared experience. They discuss how you know when to make a decision, how to leave behind blame and regret, and how to make this change a positive experience and stepping stone to the future.
"we can embrace divorce and you can come out of it being a better person; being able to experience life, breathe differently and have a different quality of life”
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Sep 25, 2017

Shit happens.  Sometimes it's a little harder to take than others.  I had what I thought was a sure thing and a great opportunity for my career.  It didn't work out.  But it was a reminder of a very important lesson.  Sometimes the thing that doesn't work out, the problem you are resenting, is the very thing you need.  If you listen to what you are experiencing.  Subscribe to the True Calling Project podcast on iTunes and find it here: 

Sep 12, 2017

It's not easy to put ourselves out there for others. Even for people that "seem" to have it all together. Most people can be decent at self confidence, but struggle with self esteem. Because when we take away all of the success measures and accolades, what do we have left? Our innate self. And that can be scary to show others. But we're all attracted to honesty. We love to see other people's truth. Not only is it good for the people seeing it, but it's great for the person sharing it. And when we show up fully, we can cut the bullshit and the middle man out. We are going to get more aligned with the right people and those people who don't resonate with your truth will fall by the wayside. Win-win. Be true, be honest. Cut the fat and we'll serve us and others. It makes too much sense not to. Subscribe to the True Calling Project podcast on iTunes or find it

Sep 12, 2017

Justin Spicer is a video producer at He has a unique take on 'marketing' for counsellors and therapists. 

Justin makes YouTube videos for private practises, and uses SEO to help more people hear these authentic testimonials.

He takes time to have a conversation with people about what they love and lets their passion do the talking. It's not about creating a polished presentation - instead he helps people connect with others through sharing a snapshot of who they really are.

He's helping clients be their most authentic and comfortable selves in front of the camera and is challenging the old ad tradition of marketing to fear and 'lack'.

"We can promote what we love by just doing what we love"

Sep 2, 2017

One of our greatest habits is to look and expect to find all of the answers BEFORE we act. As if we need to have the most information in front of us, be without fear, or have ultimate certainty before we take a chance. We'll never know until we start. We can't. Maybe we're not supposed to. I'm coming close to accepting an offer for my business that 4 years ago I never would have imagined. And the thing is that without taking those first steps to get where I am, this opportunity wouldn't be there for me. Life isn't about finding certainty. It's about living life and that includes the doubts, failures, and uncertainties. And to get the things we're after, we first need to take that step that's right in front of us. Subscribe to the True Calling Project podcast on iTunes and find it