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John Harrison is a professional psychotherapist and coach. He brings his insight and experience from his former career as a military officer, 9-5 office worker, and his current career as a therapist and coach, in interviews with professionals, psychology experts, and those living their higher potential. Each week you’ll get discussion, stories, and insights on finding your “why”, how to optimize your life and business, and the mental and emotional challenges that can keep you stuck. He and his guests explore the practical and spiritual aspects of engaging in a satisfying career and a meaningful life.
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Jun 12, 2017

Today’s guest, Kosta Stoyanoff, isn’t your typical positive speaker. He is the Founder of Uplifted Life, where he tries to remind people that there is more to life than what they have been conditioned to experience, and more to them than they could have ever imagined.

We discuss how we can find the part of ourselves that will be essential if we want the world to change, and why we need to look internally – not externally – if we want to create that change.

I was first introduced to Kosta through his video, “A Reminder To All Activists.” He discusses why activists need to come from a space of love, compassion, gentleness, and kindness. Who you are is more important than the fists in the air, the rallies, or the posters.

If you are angry, resentful, and full of toxicity and you are trying to change the world, you’re not part of the solution – you’re part of the problem.

Some will argue that we have to resist loudly and aggressively if we want change, and his own ideas about activism have received some resistance.

However, if we look at the negative things happening in the world, they are happening because of fear, exclusivity, and insecurity. It’s a symptom of me against you; competition.

We are always looking externally to solve the problems in the world, but we rarely consider that we might be part of the problem. It’s feels a lot easier to point a finger and blame something else than it is to look inside, take some ownership, and begin addressing your own level of consciousness and awareness.

The funny thing is… you can’t actually change anything externally. The solution to any problem comes from within. You have the most influence over your own personal state of being, which will then ripple out and affect the people and things in your life.

You may not be able to change the world by yourself, but you can still become the highest version of you; the most loving version of you. Then you can lift up the people around you. If we can understand that, then we might be able to create lasting positive change.  

“Take ownership of who you are. You will receive and you will experience the way you choose to look at life – and the way you choose to look at life is either from a perspective of fear, insecurity, and separation or from a space of love, compassion, caring, connection, and courage.”




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